IT Planning

Dedicated to helping your organization meet its target goals, GRA’s team of experienced IT consultants are able to enter any phase of your project plan and deliver measurable and impressive results.

GRA employs a collaborative approach to build on the existing skills of your staff, allowing them to take ownership of the project plan and its implementation. GRA will also develop accurate budgets to effectively address staffing, capital purchases and implementation plans.

Change Management

In today’s rapidly changing IT environment, more and more organizations are recognizing the value of employing a standardized change management infrastructure. The need for transparency and accountability is echoed throughout the healthcare IT industry, as well, and many organizations are changing their “reactive” problem solving approaches to a “proactive” format.

At GRA, our experienced team of consultants have effectively implemented and customized change management structures for a variety of different organizations. Our many ITIL-certified consultants are able to bring your organization to the forefront of the proactive IT environment by providing the latest methodologies and change management strategies.

GRA will empower your existing staff as we lead them through the implementation of methodologies, processes, policies and procedures. During this process, your organization will attain efficient and prompt handling of change requests with minimal impact to users and patient care.

Strategic Plans – Revisions, Plans

Regardless of the industry, strategic plans are vital to the success of any organization. GRA understands that the development and formulation of each plan is of utmost importance to senior management and leadership teams, and makes certain it is done correctly with the needs of each individual organization in mind.

GRA’s skilled experts will assist your team in the development of a customized strategic plan based on:

  • Your organization’s unique culture and needs;
  • The trends and demands of healthcare;
  • Changes and advances in Healthcare Information Systems technology;
  • Your organization’s distinctive information management needs.

Operational Reviews

GRA will lead your team through a comprehensive operational assessment to determine if your operations and processes are being conducted effectively for the optimal long term advantage of your organization, its stakeholders and pending trends in healthcare and legislative mandates.

IT Optimization

Limited resources and dynamic timelines are forcing healthcare IT organizations to embrace the challenge of successful project implementations. Leadership teams recognize the added value a fresh viewpoint can have on their current processes and are looking for input as to how to best merge budgetary conscientiousness with their corporate strategic vision.

GRA will work with you to determine how to best align your IT resources with the strategic service delivery, operational and budgeting goals of your organization.

Vendor Selection

With such a large variety of software products on the market that both enables and improves patient care, choosing the right software for your healthcare facility is crucial to your organization’s long-term success.

GRA will lead your team through a multi-faceted assessment process to ensure your organization realizes a strategic and successful vendor selection outcome, without experiencing any costly setbacks or pitfalls.