Virtual On-Sites

At GRA, we’re continually striving for ways to meet our clients’ needs in the “greenest” way possible. By employing virtual on-sites, GRA consultants are able to reduce fuel usage and emissions while remaining easily accessible to your entire staff and available when they need support and expertise.

Don’t let physical space limitations or a remote/rural location prevent you from accessing the skills and knowledge required to get the job done. Our team can use VoIP, web-conferencing, texting, email, Citrix and VPN to ‘report to work’ from an off-site location. And in many cases, virtual on-sites qualify for our Green Services rate discounts. GRA has created a suite of virtual service delivery models that will provide you with the services your organization needs, while eliminating such logistical issues as:

  • Where to physically place your GRA team specialist if workspace is at a premium.
  • Ensuring ease of access to your GRA specialist in multiple departments throughout your facility.
  • Overcoming the fiscal challenges of accessing consulting services when your organization is located in a rural/remote location.

Remote Staffing Support

Are present workloads overwhelming your staff? Are conditions causing your organization to miss deadlines or compromise service levels? GRA offers both on- and off-site support for:

  • Staff turnover
  • Sick Leaves
  • Maternity Leaves
  • Vacations
  • Increased workload with no increase in staff
  • Restructuring of your environment
  • Overwhelming technology changes

Green Services Reward Discounts

In recognition of those clients who opt for GRA’s green service delivery models, discounted rates may apply—in part or in whole—to your project. Contact us for more details.