IT Applications

In addition to enterprise-wide Health Information Systems such as MEDITECH, GRA has implemented and supported many healthcare software applications:

  • PICIS OR Manager™
  • PICIS medQM (Quality Manager)™
  • PICIS medCRED (Credentialling System)™
  • Dietary Systems, CBORD, medDIETARY™
  • Teletracking Bed Management System®
  • Iatrics Visual Flowsheet, Iatricscan
  • St. Croix Systems - Asset Manager
  • RL Solutions Risk Management
  • Budman Budgeting System™
  • API Healthcare ActiveStaffer ® API Healthcare Payrollmation® mTuitive – Synoptic Reporting for Pathology
  • WinRecs Health Information System
  • PACS
  • Dictaphone and Lanier
  • Lab assessments/Instrument interfaces
  • Hyland OnBase and many more!